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Welcome to Barefoot Lawnscape, your leading provider in Concord, NC, for all your landscaping and lawn care needs. With 25 years’ experience, customers have relied on us for a number of services, such as hardscaping, irrigation services, lawn maintenance fencing, lighting services, and much more.

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Our Services

Landscaping Services

At Barefoot Lawnscape, our landscaping services consist of plant knowledge to help create and maintain the ideal landscape for a particular environment. This service highlights the proper plants to utilize in various conditions, natural plant material for the area, the understanding of plant disease as well as plant installation. Landscaping also includes soil prep for flowerbeds and plant material, fertilization and landscape design.

Plant Knowledge

Not everyone was born with a green thumb. Understanding how to select, bed and care for a plant makes all the difference in cultivating a mature yard. We carefully determine which plants thrive best in sunlight, wet versus dry conditions and how to maintain plant growth successfully among the natural fauna without succumbing to diseases.

Hardscaping Services

Barefoot Lawnscape creates the ‘dare to dream’ outdoor space with professional grade fire pits and sitting walls, to patios and retaining walls. Hardscaping encompasses retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, precast fire pits, pavestone product, natural stone, cultured stone and fire rings with natural or propane gas inserted.


In the free on-site consultation, all hardscaping projects are discussed including the placement and installation of patios, fire pits, outdoor kitchens and stone products. All our previous hardscape projects are also accessible for visitation upon request.

Hardscape Projects

All hardscape projects, even retaining walls, will bring new life to an outdoor space. Cozy up in late autumn with the family around the backyard fire pit, complete with a sitting wall, and roast marshmallows under the stars. In the summer enjoy a backyard BBQ with a customized outdoor kitchen atop an award winning designed patio. The outdoor possibilities are endless.

Lawn Maintenance Services

Maintaining a large or even a small residence is a daunting task. Barefoot Lawnscape lawn maintenance program takes the stress and exertion out of maintaining a beautiful outdoor living space. We provide you with all the tools necessary to create a low-maintenance lawn for your home.


Annual, monthly or weekly services for mowing, trimming and edging of beds in yards are all available to private homes owners. Yard specific lawn equipment is used at each residence including mowing bags for areas with pools. A fall leaf clean-up addition is optional for maintenance packages as well.

Irrigation Services

Installing and servicing irrigation systems which range in size, Barefoot Lawnscape is also one of the few local companies that will service irrigation systems they didn’t install. Barefoot Lawnscape's residential irrigation design highlights technology solutions for a healthy landscape that uses less water.


Barefoot's direct plant to root watering system applies water slowly and directly to the roots of plants by using 30-50% less water than normal sprinkler irrigation and in doing so eliminates unnecessary runoff. Through the specialized system, water loss due to uneven water pressure isn’t an issue. Every 5 psi reduction in pressure reduces water usage by 6-8 percent. Each irrigation system is virtually maintenance-free and simple to operate.

Fencing Services

No matter the purpose, Barefoot Lawnscaping offers fencing for everyone’s needs. Whether privacy is the number one concern or if it is just decorative, several different varieties of fencing are available. Depending on each projects’ needs aluminum, wood and even vinyl fencing are available to provide security, property division and lawn enhancement.


In the free on-site consultation, all fencing projects are discussed and the yards’ needs are assessed. Full service fencing solutions are available.

Fencing Options

No yard is created equal, and because of that wood, vinyl and aluminum fencing are capable of being built on-site to ensure the uniformity of the fence throughout the property. Only American-made fencing materials are used in Barefoot Lawnscape projects.

Lighting Services

Light up the night and illuminate the outdoors with Barefoot Lawnscape. Specialized LED options create beautiful, sustainable lighting solutions that utilize energy efficiently and responsibly.


In the free on-site consultation, all lighting requests and concerns are addressed to include security and esthetics. Offering uplighting, illuminated pathways, stairway or accent lighting every security and visual need is met.

Energy Efficiency

An American-made, energy efficient LED lighting selection is available with an extended warranty. The advanced optics creates an eye-appealing light without glare to illuminate the beauty of each home and outdoor living space.

Learn More about Our Landscaping Services

During the free on-site consultation, each area's specific needs are determined. Fully licensed in the state of North Carolina, all of Barefoot Lawnscapes irrigation technicians are trained on how to measure and apply equal precipitation to every yard. Call us to learn more about our Concord landscaping services.

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